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Medical care & services received at CMP are confidential. No information on your situation will be disclosed without written consent, unless required by State or Federal Law.

Referral to Specialists

CMP Providers offer a wide range of medical services. However, for more extensive care, you may be referred to a specialist. For HMO patients, a referral is necessary for specialty providers. Your provider’s staff will schedule an appointment for you with the specialist and contact you with the date and time.

A routine referral is processed within 7-10 working days. If you have not heard from our office within 10 working days, please contact us. If you require more urgent attention, your referral will be processed within 24 hours. Please, wait for the referral to be processed before seeking specialty care, prior authorization is often necessary. Without a referral, your insurance company may deny payment for treatment. The patient is responsible for payment of unauthorized treatment.

Prescription Refills

Medication refills are available by contacting your pharmacy. Please allow 48 hours for prescription refills to be completed.

Medical Record Request

If you need to have a copy of your medical records forwarded to another provider, you must complete a Release of Information form at your CMP office. This formality is to assure your confidentiality.

Patient Satisfaction

Your experience is very important to us when you visit our offices. Please do not hesitate to let us know what we can do to make your visit more comfortable. CMP is committed to providing the highest quality of medical care in offices that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

We survey our patients four times/year to ensure we are providing quality care and each time, our surveys tell us you are very pleased with your care – and your experience in a CMP office.

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