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The CMP Family

Focus on Medicine and let CMP focus on the business of medicine, including equipment upkeep, information systems installation & maintenance, medical liability costs, staff salaries & benefits.

Unmatched Career Development. Continue your career development and increase your medical knowledge with financial security.

State-of-the-Art Facilities. CMP spares no expense, ensuring our group members — and patients — have access to the most-advanced and comforting facilities.


Compensation and Benefits Packages. CMP member physicians receive a base salary, competitive benefits, including tax shelter programs, paid health benefits, paid vacation, and coverage of your patients during off times, as well as financial bonuses for patient satisfaction and productivity.


An Appreciative Community. California’s Central Valley is a close-knit, diverse community that values its relationships with the medical community.


Be Part of Santé Physicians, an independent physicians association delivering access to the largest variety of contracts of any Valley physicians’ group. SP also supplies the Valley’s largest panel of specialists.


As an owner in the group, yours is a strong voice in the direction and futrure of the Central Valley healthcare community.

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